Credit & Collections Agent

General information

From the beginning you will handle resident customers only. While working with customers to bring overdue accounts current, you will connect customers with the answers they need on everything from common billing questions and service issues to upgrades on their current products and solutions. During the call you will get access to a lot of useful tools that will assist you greatly with your job. Your task as the Collections Customer Advocate will be to collect the balance, understanding the problems our customers are facing, interpreting the information in your tools and guiding our customers to a complete resolution. Of course, not every issue can be addressed during your call. In some cases, you will have to connect them to other specialists, who will resolve their issues.


If it sounds scary, don’t worry.

  • We have certified trainers that will teach you how to do all of that and even more.
  • 3-week long training that will cover everything that you need to know about the company, customers,
    tools, products and will equip you with enough knowledge that will launch you on your successful career
    with us. This is a virtual training.
  • After this period of 3 weeks you will advance to the next stage which we call “nesting”. Office based
  • Consists of 3 weeks where you will assist some customers.
  • You will have additional support around you all the time.
  • After these 6 weeks you will be assigned to one of our managers and their team.

Working hours

Shifts are during the US working hours – From 02:00PM Slovak time till 04:00AM next day (2 shifts- 1 st starts at 2PM and 2nd at 7PM) – Shift patterns can include weekend days, with days off during the week. – We offer substantial uplifts for evening work performed after 7pm and even higher for night hours after 10pm. – Working over the weekend or on public holidays give you salary uplifts as well

Performance measures

  • Performance is measured by multiple criteria that we call metrics. Each has its own meaning and its own
    target that determines quality of service provided to our customers.
  • Your manager will work with you on your coaching and development.
  • Our managers have all gone through extensive training and spent countless hours on calls, so they know
    what to do. Each of them is more than happy to share their experience with you and lead you to be
    successful in your job.


  • Edenred meal card (currently €3.82/day, including vacation days and days of absence),
  • Quarterly gift vouchers (currently €35),
  • Life and disability insurance, cinema, theater and sports benefits, company events,
  • Discounts for many shops, gyms and restaurants.
  • After the first year you can also subscribe to the ProCare Medical Plan, that we will pay for you, and 3rd
    pillar contribution.

    Miesto práce Slovakia, Bratislava
    Termín nástupu January 2022
    Druh pracovného pomeru Employment contract
    Mzda From 1125 euros / month
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