Customer care specialist

General information

The position that you applied for is an entry level Technical support provided to customers over the phone. Our offices are located in Lakeside park business center near Kuchajda lake in Bratislava. Your day will consist of helping our US based customers with their AT&T products. These are currently UVERSE, DirecTV and AT&T TV. Of course, if there will be additional product launched in the future you will get proper training on how to assist our customers with these as well. At the beginning you will handle only residential customers and after a couple of months you may advance to assisting business customers as well. Their problems are not limited only to technical issues, but many times also related to orders, bills or technician visits. During the call you will get access to a lot of useful tools that will assist you greatly with your job. Large part of the troubleshooting is automated and your task as the AT&T representative will be understanding the problems our customers are facing, interpreting the information in your tools and guiding our customers to a successful resolution. Of course, not every issue can be fixed during the call. In some cases, you will have to send a specific piece of equipment or dispatch a technician to go visit our customers.


If it sounds scary, don’t worry. We have certified trainers that will teach you how to do all of that and even more. Once you start, you will begin with a 4-week long training that will cover everything that you need to know about the company, customers, tools, products and will equip you with enough knowledge that will launch you on your successful career with us. After this period of 4 weeks you will advance to the next stage which we call “nesting”. It also consists of 4 weeks but during this period you will already assist some customers. You will have additional support around you all the time. This support will be able to help you in case there is something that you are not familiar with. After these 8 weeks you will be assigned to one of our managers and will start working in his or her team.

Working hours

The shifts that we have are during the US working hours. Our center currently operates from 11am Slovak time
each day and last agents are leaving at 4:30am the next morning. We do have two sister centers, one in Kosice
and one in Brno, that are helping us cover 24/7. There are a lot of shift options available, some of the shift
examples include, but are not limited to 11am-7:30pm, 1pm-9:30pm, 2pm-11pm, 3pm-12pm, 4pm-1pm and
lastly 8pm-4:30am. Some shift patterns include also weekend days, with days off during the week. The shift
options are reviewed before every shift cycle with a goal to provide optimal coverage for when customers need
us the most. The shift that you will get assigned will be your shift for at least one full bidding cycle. After this
period, you can bid for your next shift for duration of bid cycle, traditionally 3 months long. This bidding is
based on combination of your performance and your availability at work. These are both in your control and
provide you the ability to influence your working time through your business contribution. If you are good at
your job and are there for our customers, you are very likely to get the shift that you want.
Your salary is directly impacted by the shift time you are working. We offer substantial uplifts for evening work performed after 7pm and even higher for night hours after 10pm. Working over the weekend or on public holidays give you salary uplifts as well. Most of our agents actually prefer later shifts

Performance measures

Performance is measured by multiple criteria that we call metrics. Each has its own meaning and its own target that determines quality of service provided to our customers. Most important are following 4 metrics: 1. 1&Done for 7 days – As we are here to resolve customer’s problems, we track how many customers that you interacted with call back within 7 days. Obviously, the fewer customers call back, the better for your results. The current target is around 60% of customers that shouldn’t call back. But if you achieve more it’s going to be even better. 2. Average handling time (AHT) – average time that takes you to finish the call with customer. The current target is roughly 15 minutes but the more effectively you can assist our customers on an excellent quality call, the better. 3. Voice of the Customer | Overall Rep Satisfaction – simple survey that is sent to certain percentage of customers where they can rate you from 1 to 5 stars (the higher the score, the better) where the current target is around 70% 4. Voice of the Customer | Resolved – same survey as with the Voice of the Customer Satisfaction. The difference is that this one focusses on the resolution (was it fixed? Yes or no). The current target is around 70% as well. If for whatever reason you are not meeting some targets your manager will work with you on your coaching and development. This is a process that takes time and it is both yours and your manager’s responsibility to do it right as your performance is directly impacting him or her as well. Our managers have all gone through extensive training and spent countless hours on calls, so they know what to do. Each of them is more than happy to share their experience with you and lead you to success in your job.

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